Hello Instagramers, blog followers, and fellow English majors

For the launch of the English Department’s new blog and budding Instagram account (instagram.com/VF3F_FAU), we want to welcome you to our “What Are You Reading?” campaign and contest!

In order to qualify, please post on Instagram a snapshot of a book you are currently reading with the hastag’s #vf3f and #whatareyoureading.

In addition to the snapshot you must like and comment on one of our blog posts at voicesfromthethirdfloor@wordpress.com. Leave your IG name somewhere in the comment section.

From there, we will pick a winner to be given a $10 Amazon gift card! (to buy more books 🙂 

Happy Snapping!

Follow us on instagram: VF3F_FAU



  1. I’m reading Tuesday’s with Morrie, just picked it up over the weekend on a trip to Barnes & Noble : ) IG handle: @Ta1knerdytome

  2. I’m reading Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson. I just posted a picture of it on my IG…@abookishlady 🙂

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