“I don’t have the words.

You would have to feel,

taste, hear it to know.


We sit now under its gaze: steady,

constant. Full of power. It beats

light on your skin, damaging UV rays.

Stay out too long it will burn us, stinging

skin. A blistering burn from above.

Swelling to raise the skin. Just

enough though won’t hurt. Tingles like

sand in your sleeping foot. Feels good.


Tastes of danger, threat, toxic, cancer.

The salt of the milky way, too much you

die. But it can taste like strawberries,

tart and sweet. Corn too, crisp and juicy.

Tastes like Vitamin D, you know.

Spoilt sugar filling your veins,

It is here to nourish you.


Like Sunday mornings it sizzles,

the sound of bacon frying.

Popcorn, too. It sounds like food.

Snap, crackle, pop! Open your ears

it sounds hot. Like temperature.

Are you getting this picture?


All I know it transmits warmth. Now

your skin is warming. Don’t move

let it take you in. Soak in rays above.

I wish you could see… you’re glowing.

No clouds, cotton balls that fly – only sun –

open your mouth let the heat hit

your tongue. Strain your ears,

hear the life it dishes out.


It remains hovering

incandescently, for you. Can you

taste it, hear it, feel it?”


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