“I like to begin by cutting open the abdomen and removing the liver.”

“You should wash you hands first.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you for reminding me”

“No problem. Why the liver?”

“I am especially fond of it. Mother used to make a delicious liver. She used bacon fat to cook with and served it with onions and a special sauce made with red wine.”

“That does sound delicious. Are you going to be using the same recipe?”

“Similar. I’ve made some revisions, of course.”

He laughs. “But of course. Obviously.”

“So once I’m finished drying my hands, I’m going to cut open the abdomen and remove the liver.”

“Then what?”

“Then I’m going to rinse it off well and soak it in this special marinade I made using the red wine. I’m going to let it soak for a few minutes to absorb some of the flavor before using the rest as a base for my special sauce.”

“What kind of liver did your mother prefer?”

“Cows usually.”

“What will you be making to go with the liver?”

“I was thinking of some sweet potato.”

“Actually I’m in the mood for some cauliflower.”

“Cauliflower it is, then.”

“Have you made plans for what you want to do with the rest of the carcass?”

“Not yet. For now I was just going to cut up the edible bits and put them away in the freezer for later.”

“Wise choice.”

“I don’t like letting good food go to waste.”

“Me neither.”

“She was quite beautiful, wasn’t she?”

“Yes she was. Though there is something beautiful about her now.”

“Beautifully macabre.”

“Yes. That.”

“She never knew. Never could have expected.”

“Do they ever?”

“Not usually. That’s how they end up like this,” he laughed again.

“Lucky for us then. She looks delicious.”

“I’m sure she will be.”

“I always did prefer pork. Too bad it’s hard to come by in stores. But I suppose this is fresher.”

“Then this will be a special occasion.”



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