You are Mariah (or Matt)

Professor Richards is your dad. All your life he’s given you everything you’ve ever wanted. However, things started to change after you turned 21. He began telling you that you had to start working and make your own money. He didn’t buy you the Audi SUV you wanted on your birthday and had stopped paying your credit card bills. You felt entitled. After all, why should you have to work when you have an inheritance!

On the evening of October 30th, FAU’s English Club held the I Know What You Did Last Semester Murder Mystery party. Students dressed in various costumes and an assortment of snacks were provided by members of the English Club. However, attendance was not limited to English Club members. The game commenced when Dr. Maxwell handed out some mysterious looking red cards which contained our character identities, our relationship with the deceased Professor, our motivations, and a secret.

Secrets you know: your mother hired a private investigator to follow your dad – what did she find out?

Of course as the night went on, I would learn that what my mother found out was that my father, the late professor, had had an affair which produced an illegitimate child. I was then introduced to my brother, along with several other acquaintances and colleagues of my father. What followed was a night of mingling, mystery, and intrigue. All guests humorously embraced their characters. Unfortunately, it turned out my late father wasn’t the most well-liked person, and those who knew him weren’t afraid to express just how much they disliked him.

Needless to say, there was an abundance of potential suspects, myself included. After all, my father suddenly expected me to get a job and pay for my own Audi?! The outrage! I’m not poor! But I didn’t kill him, no matter what professor Frankenstein, or my newly discovered brother alleged.

The party lasted from 7:00pm to around 8:30pm, during which time there were many stories exchanged and laughs shared. It was interesting to see guests try to insist upon their innocence whilst also insisting upon their hatred of the recently deceased. The prevailing question, however, remained: whodunit?

Perhaps unsurprisingly the culprit turned out to be the man in the blood-stained lab coat: our very own professor Frankenstein. Of course this casting was unintentional. When Dr. Maxwell handed out character cards they were sealed with tape. The man in the blood-stained coat being cast in the role of the murderer was purely coincidental and undeniably hilarious.

As the evening’s activities came to a close, many guests assisted with cleaning up and removing any remaining food. The party had been a great success, and the game proved to be highly entertaining thanks, in part, to the enthusiasm of the players.

The English Club will be holding more events in the future and I highly recommend attending. These events are not exclusive to English Club members or even English majors

All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. With the success of events like this, more interesting opportunities for student activity and engagement are soon to come!


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