I may not recall much, but I will do my best.
I remember the New York snow and storms before the big move,
the island’s breeze and orange-like atmosphere while on the move;
The orange came from the dirt roads and the sun shining on the ground.
I remember running to my mother for the first time after the move.

I remember my first neighbor, first friend, first enemy in elementary school.
My baby-sitter and next door neighbor with an exclusive room that, to me, seemed cool.
I may not remember learning English, but I was reminded that it was TV and my friends;
I laugh to myself as I am struggling in Spanish now, that ain’t even cool.

I remember getting into fights with my frenemy before graduating 5th grade.
I remember living in a hotel room, renting a room for my mom, sister, nephew, and I:
So small, I had to share the bed that my mom always made.
I remember living in a duplex before living in another house in a ‘trade’.

I remember getting into band after a year in Miramar High,
first time learning to play a clarinet and appreciating music more than ever.
I remember dating a boy every year for four years; I thought, how did I ever?
I remember writing for the first time for expression, emotion;
Letting the computer be my escape.
I remember laughter and frustration, happiness and anger, you know, teenage-whatever.

I remember graduation, exciting and a proud moment in my life.
I remember applying for college and finding a job.
I remember dating a guy, my true first, who I incarcerated for the long one.
Everyone, except my mom, told me, ‘he ain’t the one.’
I remember thinking, I am lonely, gotta let him go before the next one.

I remember my past, but I will remember many more, so let’s see.
I will remember who I was, who I am, and who I will always be,
Even after death.
I will remember that my tough Dominican mother gave me a sense of strength for self;
that my distant Trinidadian father gave me artistic talent and vision.
I will remember those being; deaf, blind, or mute, reminding me of my mission.
Mute, because I need my vision to read and write in every way, and my hearing for tone and music.

I will remember reading “How to Leave Hialeah” from a book with the same name,
While listening to Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love and almost crying for this dame.

I may not remember much, but I did my best.
My art as a time capsule, I will remember the pain of loneliness, the agony of masochism,
The knowledge of life lessons, and the pursuit of happiness.
The best that ever happened to me is my family, my mom, sister, and the beautiful extensions.
They are the ones that pushed me for self-discovery.
My family gave me what I call ‘A World of Pure Oliver,’ no royalty necessary.

One more point before I go; Music, Art, Literature, and Geography.
They are my tools I will keep in mind to bring with me when I die;
To help my soul what my human form has went through.
They all have one thing in common; the greatest of remembering me:
That is Life.



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