I write to be the person I know could never exist. I write because who I am in the real world does not fulfill who I am inside my head. I write because I am crazy. Point blank.

People think writers are nothing more than people with big imaginations; people who can spin a lie in just the right way. Writers are creators. They are the fundamental aspect of a world only they can see. Writers are lovers, fighters, heartbreakers, and criminals. They will make you fall in love with the perfect man or woman and then kill them off like it was nothing. Writers make you feel a million different emotions all at once before leaving you in the middle of a sentence.

A writer is a painter, using his words to perfectly describe the curve of a wave and the shape of a cloud. They paint skies full of lavender love and build castles based on lies and scandals. They create feelings you never knew could exist. They can say something like, “Her heart broke through her chest like a sword stabbing her from the inside and she couldn’t wait for the pain to be over,” and the reader could feel the characters invisible and non-existent pain as if it were the real thing. A writer can break through the silence in someone’s head and build a relationship between the real world and the world on paper.

That’s why I write, to expose beings to a world they can only dream of. Because let’s be honest, Prince Charming doesn’t exist, dogs don’t talk, flowers don’t sing, and nobody moves to a new city and immediately meets the love of their life. While I wish most of these things were true, they simply are not real; so, I write about them, because I have the ability to create a world just long enough to satisfy my half empty heart.

I write because no one speaks in romantic tongues, and because no one can safely describe their first kiss as the most romantic thing they have ever experienced (at least I can’t). I write to learn about myself and to allow others the opportunity to do the same. I write because I prefer worlds full of permanently orange skies, strong female characters with more than just the ambition to be a strong female character, and Prince Charming’s that do more than just make you fall in love.

I am a writer because I can be one hundred different people on a piece of paper and still be opinionated and stubborn in real life. And you can do the same.


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