Why does my heart break in the dead of the night?

I walk without pause in the morning light.

In bed I lay listening to a half-beating drum

My heart; the constant reminder that you are gone.


The loneliness of the night air must the problem,

I think I shall fill the dead noise with sounds of a garden.

The flowery whistles and bird song rejoice

But it does nothing to take place of the empty noise.


Sleepless still with a broken beat in my chest

No noise will contest the emptiness; I fear I have gone mad.

My belly aches with pains of hunger –

Empty; like my heart, just the way you left it.


Simple, it seems my heart desires it’s other half

But you’ve taken it from me, your trophy of battle.

Please lend mercy on me

and let me get through this one night.

IMG_0346 copy
Elizabeth Lippman is a current senior at Florida Atlantic University, pursuing her Bachelors degree in English. Originally from Arizona, Ms. Lippman has been a Florida resident for three years while attending school and hopes to continue her professional career here in Florida after graduating in the fall.


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