The chocolate melted on the way home.

It does this every time,

as the pink box sits in the backseat

of the car, shining and vibrant.


You may have received the wonderful

embraces from your mother.

You may have read the card she gave you,

filled with words of pure love and inspiration.


The years pass your eye – twenty or more.

The romantic Valentine nowhere in sight.

A worried look appears on your face,

But then it fades like unexpected wind.


You may be older, sitting in a café

with a blank notebook on the table,

Pretending like you’ve been writing

For the past thirty minutes.


You haven’t though.

You’ve been staring at the girl with

Her hand slipped over another’s

You care for a moment, but then it evaporates.


So you just forget about it.

All of it.

Because best friends, mothers, and fathers

are our Valentines – even countless years from now.


Romantic love does not stand

alone in this world.

Love is always found in the smallest places –

on the tiny candy wrappers occupying the couch.


It is the blank screen before the movie starts

and the laughing at the bad jokes.

It is the knowledge that families

are the truest Valentines.

Oriana Caffo is an English major at FAU in her junior year. She has always enjoyed writing works of fiction, but has recently begun writing in poetic form, developing an immediate passion for it. Ms. Caffo enjoys how poetry, and the written word in general, can leave such an impact on readers and inspire them to write and look at the world in so many different perspectives; this is what draws her to writing as a medium. Ms. Caffo hopes to become either a publisher or an editor once graduating from FAU. Some of the writers which inspire her her style of writing as well as her way of thinking are Sarah Dessen, J.K. Rowling, J.D. Salinger and William Wordsworth, among others.



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