Screams bellow from downstairs and you and I

Sit huddled in a corner.

With every crashing plate and echoing sound

Of skin hitting skin,

Anger and terror commingling,

We forged a pool of our sorrows

and the water is fine.

Our life begins when  

The train howls

And the station vibrates with a life that neither you or I

Have fully felt for a long time.

With every quivering step

We leave our cowering shadows behind us.

Our sadness will no longer be their sustenance,

Or so we hope

Freedom is a flower sprung

From the soil of distance,

It cannot survive on the waters of hope

And soon the petals wilt

It wasn’t long before we realized

That every light,

no matter how bright,

Cast a shadow,

And those shackles on our tiny wrists

Would only grow as we did.

Our chains are longer than

Either of us will live

I was with you;

Though you could not know me

I was with you.

I held your trembling hand in mine

When your palm grew cold.

Your name was a silent plea

From a voice you never learned to hear.

I tried to catch you when you fell

But my arms were

Nothing more than air

That no one ever taught us how to breathe.

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