The sweltering sun reflects off the pool,

blinding me through my sunglasses.

The scorching pavement burns the soles

of my feet.

The sweet smell of suntan lotion

evokes memories of a time

that seems ages ago.

Ten years old.

Mommy, Daddy, brother Frankie,

all are with me.


Daddy, tall and strong as a racehorse,

twirls me in his arms, holds me close,

launches me into the water. Cool and refreshing,

relief from the blistering heat.


I surface and grab onto my younger brother’s ankles.

I pull, catching him unawares,

ruining his plans to soak in the sun.


Daddy sneaks up behind Mommy,

nudging her forcefully with his shoulder.

Mommy tumbles into the pool, the water erupting

like a torpedo reaching its intended target.


Daddy’s booming voice resonates with the

music from the boombox

as he sings along with Freddie Mercury

about being a champion.


Daddy starts running,

slips on the puddles of water

sprinkled along the edges of the pool.

His feet fly up in the air.

Arms flail helplessly as he admits defeat,

hitting the water with a glorious splash.


Mommy cannot contain her boisterous laughter, pealing

for miles and miles,

a sound as beautiful as she is.


Fun times,

wonderful times.

Memories that will remain

embedded in my mind.

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