I wonder, does that make me a Queen?

From human being to human being,

This perfect love I have never seen.

I mean,

He actually died for me!

I just can’t fathom a love that deep.

I came to him unclean, defiled and impure

No second guesses,

To be my bridegroom He was so sure

He’s not concerned about my past

Instead he’s concerned about my path.

At last!

I have found the man of my dreams,

But it seems

I’m not sleeping; it’s reality!

It is real I am under His everlasting covenant

I am cleansed with His blood, doesn’t it

Seem unfair, like something I don’t deserve?

According to His word,

Which, by the way, is worth more than the riches on this earth

And can’t ever diminish

Galatians five, twenty-seven

“…Holy and without blemish”

Is how I will finish?

Too good to be true…

Satan I rebuke you!

Get behind me!

And watch me run to my King.

Watch me walk with my King.

I am in love with my King

Watch me fall to my knees

And give all that I have to offer

A broken and contrite heart beating to the call of its author

And the finisher of its fate.

Therefore, I cherish this date and the many more to come.

How can I desire anything more from

Him who gives freely all that I need?

Watch this heart sing….

As I honor the marriage to my King.

image1 copy

Danielle Powell is a junior at Florida Atlantic University majoring in English Literature with a special interest in Communication Studies. As a single mother of four daughters, she is inspired by both her faith in Christ and her out of the ordinary life experiences.  Her poetry delivers the complexity of joining the two together. Married to the King expresses the complexity of marrying the perfect man. Three years later, Ms. Powell decided to write part two, Married to the King: After the Honeymoon.



  1. Love it! I have watched you grow from a teenager to a beautiful single mother to my nieces. No were not sisters by blood, but sisters in our mind. Today we are on different paths, but we are serving the same King. I’m so proud of you!

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