This love is supposed to be perfect, pure…

But I’m not sleeping, this reality of a cure

To my filthiness is not all that I expected

Every day I am feeling rejected, neglected, disrespected

By the unfair situations that are arising in my outside

Relationships, this creation drifts

And wanders far away, like a dove I want to fly away

And hide away from this marriage that brings no hope, no joy.

And so I remain coy to pursue our future

That I thought was to be destined towards greatness

I have lost my faith in this relationship, this marriage

My heart is a carriage for heavy weight

Being pulled by fatigue and hate into a gloomy forest

Awaiting its next battle,

Tired of trails of travel

Tired of trails of gravel

Where is the pavement!?

Where are my payments of happiness!?

Tired of this exhaustion, this lifestyle without smiles

I lost my perspective of loyalty

To this royalty covenant

Doesn’t it

Seem like I shouldn’t exist

Why even persist in this


to this King

That I am offering






My endless complaints

Of the life I try to live without You.

I demanded payments of happiness and turned off Your paved roads

Onto gravel as I traveled into battle,

Exercising the heavyweights of hate

And fatigued myself out of faith in this marriage

I claimed to be coy, yet I walked away from joy

Drifted away from all hope

I wandered far away into outside relationships

I committed adultery, unfaithfulness

I rejected, neglected and disrespected our covenant.

Wasn’t it

My filthiness that I married You for?

Wasn’t it

My filthiness that needs Your cure?

Wasn’t it

Your love that is perfect and pure?

Oh King, please forgive me.

You gave Your life to me and it is my destiny,

To give my life to You.

My expectations of a Husband You have fully met,

My offering to You as Your wife, is my faithful debt.

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Danielle Powell is a junior at Florida Atlantic University majoring in English Literature with a special interest in Communication Studies. As a single mother of four daughters, she is inspired by both her faith in Christ and her out of the ordinary life experiences.  Her poetry delivers the complexity of joining the two together. Married to the King expresses the complexity of marrying the perfect man. Three years later, Ms. Powell decided to write part two, Married to the King: After the Honeymoon.


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