But he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. (1)

Where the sunrise tethers ripening, one-hundred

And ninety-seven miles out of Bishop City,

He unloaded his most beloved, set fire to the ground

And began to burn


One by one, one by one. On this peculiar dawn,

A man by the name of Anthony

Bellicossae wandered out into the darkness,

And bending-past all limits,


Stranded far beyond the familiar, his home

Ground in Sunrise Park.

On a narrow, with the moon still stringed

To the dark stellar (three-hundred-eighty-


Four-thousand and four-hundred km

Out?), his shadows took reflection:

My father  He showed me,

Illiterate  He taught me Inheritance


And The Interpretation of Dreams. My mother,

I miss how she gave me

Tenderness. And, the universe. The universe

Did provide intelligence;


Yesterday, I had a revelation.

You see: man’s existence

Is a fantasy. Man’s work is a fantasy. Man’s

Legacy is a fantasy.


Reaching his end out in full brute-

Wilderness near the shores of Lake Tahoe;

Having burnt every-last, including his mobile-home;

Caged, he began pacing; and, in a most horrid


Pitch of desolateness, began; “Lord,

Lord pity this barren, unmolded

Soul. In a minute I will cease being, knowing fully,

That you arranged The Cosmos for me,


And that because I am not awake day ceases.

Love did not stay. Sanity never took

Hold. And every day is a-new; and, ‘Though

This be madness, there is method in’t.’”


Veering, finally, to the edge of foaming rock,

Where a most-fervent saffron

Coloured sunrise now glistens

Off the waters.


With pistol in hand, finally taking

One last: a click, a thump,

And then silence dissipated into another

Scenic blossoming morning.

(1) Taken literally by Anthony Bellicossae, he takes his life to be able to do fathers will (himself physically) in heaven. Complete passage taken from The Holy Bible, book of Matthew, verse 7:21-23, and reads; “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

WIN_20160407_04_01_46_Pro copy.jpg

Angie Jimenez is an undergraduate student at FAU currently pursuing a double major in French and English. Ms. Jimenez has also, “after the long sustainment of dubiety on the life path,” come to hold a minor in Economics. On her relationship with poetry and scripture, Ms. Jimenez states: “I love life; I like to meditate every day. When I don’t love life, I like to seek out consolation in Hopkin’s deeply spiritual and deeply anguished poetry and in the scriptures of the ancient Sikh and Hindu philosophy.”

Her goal is to continue on acquiring language in addition to learning literature in Spanish, English, and French. She hopes that one day she might find “hidden gems to translate.” Regardless of whether or not this goal comes to fruition, Ms. Jimenez nevertheless aims to become a “well-educated scholar on the function and formation of the written symbol of the word of creation,” and perhaps to even publish her own works.

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