The death of our relationship was just in time for spring,

The flowers bloom alongside my understanding.

I didn’t know why I felt like a bird, unable to sing,

Now I see why our dance of love was so demanding.

It was a selfish kind of love which I fed to your heart;

A desperation I nurtured, I was fixated only

On receiving your essence, we were doomed from the start,

When we got together just because we were lonely

I am growing with the seasons and if you are too,

I would love to get together in a month or two.

I relied on you for joy which isn’t fair or true.

Now *I* will appreciate *you*.


David Ades was born in Connecticut and has been living in Florida since he was six years old. Mr. Ades has been an FAU student for about a year but has been writing poetry for close to four years. Majoring in English, Mr. Ades loves all forms of expression, but particularly literature. As such, according to Mr. Ades, “Second Chances” is a poem about “the blooming of understanding that comes after a tough breakup; how one looks back on past relationships as they develop as individuals and realize what went wrong.” 

Mr. Ades loves exploring human potential. He says: “I love talking to people about their dreams/goals, their relationships, and any art they create. I always encourage people to make art because everybody is capable but not everybody is confident enough in themselves to give it a go.” Because of this, Mr. Ades believes that it’s very important to encourage one’s friends as well as  everyone else, instead of focusing on differences. He adds: “Everyone is an artist and everything is art.”

In addition to writing stories and poems, Mr. Ades is passionate about writing music, especially hip hop, which is his favorite genre and, in a sense, lyrical poetry. 


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