Benjamin Marcher is a researcher and ghostwriter for engaged enterprise-wide information systems researchers at several universities across the nation. His other writing interests include short fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction. He is currently finishing up his BA in English, and plans to continue his education at the graduate level in the future.

                                   Sometimes there are people

                                   Like you, who are beautiful;

                                   Not only in your looks

                                   Or in the things you say,

                                   But in wholly unknown ways.

                                   These people are always

                                   Infinite mysteries.

                                   Your soul is never here,

                                   But your smile somehow is—

                                   Insinuating peace.

                                   But I did not know

                                   Your darker side, your pain.

                                   You cannot blame me now

                                   For not letting me in.

                                   You lied; told me, “We’re good.”

                                   You’re disingenuous.

                                   I’m not surprised this

                                   Happened the way it did.

                                   It ends.

                                                 All’s bled out in

                                   Blanket stains to misconstrue.

                                   I’m sorry for the way

                                   That I gave up on you.


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