On Thursday, September 22nd at 6:00 P.M., the Jaffe Center for Book Arts opened its doors for a special evening: the Induction Ceremony of Sigma Tau Delta’s new members. For those who might not be aware, Sigma Tau Delta, FAU’s International English Honors Society, prepares a special event every semester to welcome new members with open arms and gather FAU’s community to celebrate their recognized academic excellence. And what better way to celebrate such an academic achievement than through what pulls all English majors together? An Open Reading following the ceremony.

The evening began with the official ceremony, orchestrated by the President of Sigma Tau Delta, Lynn Jonason. She presented before the crowd with confidence, proud Sigma’s family would continue to grow with its new members; the promise of a successful semester for the Society before everyone to see. After the Vice President, Meagan Hurd, introduced all the students to be officially sworn in, the ceremony reached its climax as they recited back, with smiles on their faces, the words which would officially deem them members. Professor Thomas Martin, faculty staff member who oversees all of FAU’s own Sigma, finally closed the ceremony with a smile of his own.

A short break followed in which more people joined to flood the Center’s library, indulging in the offered food and soaking in the calm feeling which the Center seemed to influence upon everyone and anyone who entered. Even a few passerby’s noticed the gathering of an eager crowd and wandered in, curious of what was taking place.

Finally, the Open Reading began. Appointed director of the Center, John Cutrone, was introduced and opened the Reading with a little information on the location. From tours of its beautiful collection, to even paper-making and bookbinding workshops, the Center offers a window for students who are interested in a world where visual and literary art mesh together to bring stories, literally, to life. Following, it was the readers’ turn. Ashley George, Marina DeCicco, Lynn Jonason and FAU’s own Dr. Becka McKay, creative writing faculty and director of FAU’s MFA program, each stood to read their personally written creative work. From fiction to poetry, the heartfelt to the funny, each writer shared with the community their written creativity; honoring Sigma’s successful induction of its new members. Of course, an Open Reading with Dr. McKay wouldn’t be complete without her witty humor to top off the evening.

In all, the serenity of the location, the excitement of the new members, as well as the wonderfully creative stories that were bravely shared by their creators provided a night of enjoyment for all.

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