i. Stop looking at yourself as a collection of flaws and imperfections. Know what you see in the mirror, are battle scars. Every scrape, scratch, stretch mark – those are souvenirs of war. Your body has weathered life’s battering storms and it’s raging hurricanes – Be kind to it.

ii. Forget everything that fairytales have ever taught you. You do not need Prince Charming to slay your dragons. You are more than capable of picking up that sword and slaying it alone.

iii. Do not look to people to fill you up, or you will  forever be a glass half empty. You are not a glass half empty. You are the moon, and the moon has never needed the stars to be complete.

iv. Do not go looking for love when you are starving for it – you will settle for anything just to sate the hunger gnawing at your bones. You will accept their scraps, and you were not built to survive on skinny love.

v. There are people who will want to shrink you. They will take one look at you, and decide you are better served in easier-to-swallow bite sized pieces. They will try to dissect you, pull you apart piece by piece… until all that you are fits into the palms of their hands. Remember: you were never destined to be a pocket-sized version of yourself.

vi. There are people who will try to steal your voice; who will envelop their iron hands around your throat, and will deem you unfit to speak. Make them regret having ever thought they had the option of silencing you.


Edited by Natalia-Marie Fiorio



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