Our Breast Cancer Awareness Contest deadline is just around the corner! After Friday, October 21st at 11:59 P.M. we will be closed for contest submissions. We ask any and all FAU undergraduates to submit to us a fiction, nonfiction, or poetry piece. The first place winner will be featured on our blog and receive a prize. Details of the contest are as follows:

· Your piece should be related to breast cancer or breast cancer awareness.

· In the subject bar specify the type of submission as fiction, nonfiction, or poetry (otherwise your submission will be discarded). Please don’t write anything in the submission bar except one of the above three.

· In the body of your email provide a personal summary about yourself and what the piece you are submitting means to you. Please make this no more than three paragraphs.

· Please attach your submission as a Word document. Use 12-font, Times New Roman. With the exception of poetry, please use double-space.

· In the document, on the top, include the title of your piece, your name, as well as your email address we can use to best contact you.

· Finally, email your submission to submittovf3f@gmail.com

On behalf of the entire Voices team, we thank you for taking your time to share your creative work and personal stories with us to help spread awareness of breast cancer.


(Photo courtesy of Google Images)


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