Experience I can’t recall:

Like Adam at the fall,

It’s too late to reclaim it all.

But fate dropped the ball

Not me.

But I learn from it, so not to appear sloppy.

If you forgot the

Lesson you promised to learn,

I admonish you; strong-headed

And stiff-necked. The next turn

Will have you honestly

Asking for water to soothe the burn.

It’s an urge, sublimated by a distraction;

Predicated on your lack of wit.

So relax and kick back

As I wax poetic.

Action is the only option.

But often,

Our passion is softened

By old friends askin’

“Wanna do this?” or “How about that?”

If you don’t come out you’re an unsocial cat

If you vocalize the fact, your friendship is static.

You’re selfish, so sacrifice inner magic

And start embracing this hellish trash bin

Of social conventions.


Learn what catches your attraction

Stop settling,

Start asking

For more than a peer group whose task is

to keep rapport with masks.


Edited by Ben Marcher

(Photo courtesy of Google Images)

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