We all watched as the results arrived.

For many of us it felt like the world was coming to an end;

felt like Fenrir had devoured the sun, and Ragnarok was upon us.

But we still went to bed. We awoke the next morning

to a sun that would continue to rise in the east,

and sink below the westerly horizons.

The world kept on turning,

much as it always did,

and the fear nestled deep beneath our breastbones;

breath shallow, and tremulous.

We should never forget who we are though, survivors.

From the slavers’ and uncharted waters,

to the witch trials by fire,

From the Seneca Falls convention, to the MLK walks and Stonewall Riots –

we have always been the survivors.

So we

gon’ be



Edited by Natalia-Marie Fiorio


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