Rachel Baucom is an undergraduate student at FAU finishing up her Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Communications. Her love of the editing process with Coastlines Magazine has led her to experiment more with creative writing. She wishes to pursue a career in editing in South Florida after graduation.

The ballerina poised confidently,

Purple chiffon fading quickly

With age. Locked—

Under large, brown eyes full of

Curiosity, jealousy.

Circles spin, repeatedly

Magnified by the glass

That she is trapped in.

She is the puppet, I

The master. One

Shake, one twist, of

The dial, music and

Specs of glitter float

Down with the somber

Tune of what she’ll

Never be, never become.

A sad memory of

Time lost—but never

Forgotten. She dances in

Solitary, as eternal loops drift by.


Edited by Sabrina Loftus


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