On Thursday November 17th, Coastlines held their annual Fall Showcase, and if you weren’t in attendance, you missed some really incredible pieces (along some yummy snacks). At 7:00 PM, Ashley George–Coastline’s Editor-in-Chief–commanded the podium to announce the brave first reader of the night: Lynn Jonason. Representing both Sigma Tau Delta and Voices from the Third Floor, Lynn took to the stage like a fish to water. She started off a magnificent night with an equally magnificent piece entitled “Bother Said,” a heart-rending tale, which left not a single eye in the house dry. After she brought on the waterworks, Lynn ended her set with an equally eye-wetting story, except this time it was tears of laughter. Her experimental fiction piece “A Guide on How Not to Murder People,” was incredibly funny and helped restore the night’s levity.

          Next up, Ashley introduced Marina DeCiccio, Voices from the Third Floor’s resident thespian. Her first piece, “The Next Halloween,” sent a shiver down our spines (yes, it was just that good). After properly scaring us for our inevitable trips home, Marina read a thought provoking poem entitled, “Selfish Rose.” She finished her set with another poem: “Still Alive.” It was a beautiful piece penned during Breast Cancer Awareness month about the harrowing struggles of being diagnosed with the disease.

          Once Marina’s applause had died down, Ashley introduced a third member of the Voices from the Third Floor Team: Abigail Duncanson. A newcomer to the stage, Abigail was a bit (read: very) nervous, and she told her audience as much. She read the poems “Being a Girl: A Horror Story,” and “Things I’ve Learned About My Skin,” in quick succession – both powerful pieces about her experiences as a young woman of color. By the time she read “Not All Heroes Wear Capes,” she had hit her stride and all traces of nervousness were gone. She closed out her set with another poem she dubbed untitled. Much to her elation, her first time performing was met with humbling applause.

          To close out a talent-filled night, Michelle Boyar read her short story “Dolls on Strike,” an Aisling Award winning piece, which is featured in last year’s issue of FAU’s literary magazine, Coastlines. A nostalgic tale of time spent working in a beloved music store, this story was a breath of a fresh air and one of the many inimitable pieces by gifted writers and artists one can find when they pick up an issue of Coastlines. If you’re looking for a collection of amazing work, look no further than Coastlines. If you’re a lover of literature, make sure to be on the lookout for future issues and events. I can guarantee you’ll find some quality work!


Edited by Sabrina Loftus


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