Beauty sticks her face in a book
To block out the noise
Of the ugly man
Attempting to court her
With ugly words
And insults.

Beast hides in his castle
To avoid the ugly man
Spewing nasty comments
About his face,
His hands,
And his growl.

Beauty finds the Beast
In an attempt to save her loved one
From the jail he uses
To form a sense of control
To lock the life he wants

Beast begins to court Beauty
With snowball fights and
Enormous Libraries
To fill her mind;
Ballroom dances,
To fill her heart.

Beauty sees Beast’s heart.
His desire for
A handsome face,
A normal family,
His old life–
For her.

The rose is on its last petal,
The timer running out.
Beasts last chance at love
Is standing with Beauty.
Then the ugly man
Spews his final words.

Beast saves Beauty
From the ugly man’s grip.
His hands on the book
He wishes to re-write.
One final kiss
To save the Beast.


Edited by Sabrina Loftus


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