Trevor walked along the sidewalk leading to the entrance of the dog park with his Golden Doodle, Hyper, eagerly pulling the leash he was attached to. Hyper and Trevor looked forward to going to the dog park every day around noon: Hyper for the lonely old ladies who loved to shower him with attention and dog toys, Trevor for the young lady who sat halfway across the park in the small dog section with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at her side watching the other dogs play while she read her book. She was a beautiful woman, with dark chocolate hair, eyes which glinted golden flakes whenever she looked towards the sun, and pale skin with freckles reminding him of the kisses from angels his mother used to tell him about when he was a child.

      He thought about how fascinating she was. How quiet and well-reserved she seemed to be. Since he started coming to this particular dog park, she was the one thing he looked forward to seeing every day. He decided to walk to the coffee shop just down the street with Hyper before entering the park in an attempt to talk to the nameless young angel for the first time. He thought coffee would be a good enough excuse to say hello. He couldn’t decide whether she would prefer coffee or green tea so he got both and decided to take one for the team and drink the one she didn’t like.

      As he approached the entrance of the dog park, he saw the same security guard who had been here every day at the same time and said hello. He turned his attention to the steel bench on the opposite side of the small dog section and saw her glistening skin and piercing, golden eyes. Once again he felt everything inside of him liven up. He let Hyper go and made his way to her bench.

      “Hi, mind if I take a seat?” he asked, completely forgetting he had two drinks in his hand.

       “Not at all,” she said. “Mind if I ask why you are carrying two coffees? You usually only have one.” He realized by this statement she may have been paying as much attention to him as he was to her and saw it as his opportunity to get to know her.

         “I figured you might be thirsty, since it’s so hot out and all.”

          “Well that’s very generous of you, but I don’t think drinking hot coffee will cool me down much.” She giggled at his attempt and then took the coffee anyway. She appreciated the gesture and had been wanting to talk to him for quite some time, but she wasn’t the kind of girl to approach a handsome man in the first place. With his fitted jeans and slim-fitting t-shirts, his quaffed dirty blonde hair, eyes as blue as the night sky and the incredible velvety voice, she’d no idea existed, she was surprised she was speaking clearly.

           He hesitated after her comment, but tried to change the subject. He hadn’t even noticed which cup she grabbed until he sipped his and tasted bland, watered down tea. “I’m Trevor by the way. What’s your name?” He stuck his hand out to shake hers and pulled away almost as quickly as he put it out. Her skin was softer than a baby’s and he got the chills from how good it felt to hold her hand.

          “Eunice. And this precious little angel here is Sophie,” she petted Sophie on the head and asked what Trevor’s dog’s name was.

          “Hyper, although he seems to be rather enchanted by Miss Sophie here,” he said. Hyper and Sophie seemed to be in their own little world. The dogs exchanged their hellos by sniffing each others bums, sniffing each others faces, then running in little circles.  

        “Seems like they are enchanted by each other. Don’t you think?” she tried to clue him in on her likeness towards him.

         He noted the hint.“Yeah, maybe their owners should get to know each other a little better. So they can play together more often, of course.”  

       “Of course. Wouldn’t want them to never see each other again.”

      “Right, so maybe we should see each other again? If you want to.”

       “I would love to. Maybe we could bring Sophie and Hyper. So they can have a date, too.”

       “It’s a date?”

      “I guess it is. Is that okay?” She knew she was being straightforward, maybe too forward, but she thought she should cut out all the small talk she deemed useless and get to the point. He didn’t walk over and buy her coffee for nothing.

     “Yes! That’s perfect, yes. It’s a date. Absolutely,” he said. He knew there was something about her which made his pulse race.

     “Great. Pick me up at 8.” She wrote her number down on a piece of paper and put Sophie back on her leash. She walked away without looking back, even though looking at him was all she wanted to do. Trevor couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. The way her brown hair bobbed with each step, her strong shoulders further pronouncing her upright posture, and her curves leading into her swaying hips hypnotized him. As her silhouette disappeared, Trevor looked down at the number Eunice had scrawled, and smiled just thinking about their upcoming date.   

Edited by Sabrina Loftus


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