There once was a girl who danced with Death

She put her Bravery to the test

They waltzed through the Night

With Fear in their eyes

Until Mourning had told them to rest


She decided again to face Death

She wasn’t sure Why, but he could guess

They swayed in the Dark

With Love in their hearts

Until Daylight had reclaimed his guest


She soon became addicted to Death

It felt like playing Russian roulette

His words, Dangerous

She, Adventurous

And a greater Match neither had met


But again the girl remembered Life

Abandoned Death, and escaped his scythe

He stood there Alone

Watching from Tombstones

Betrayal not outweighing his Blithe


After time she forgot about Death

Her Heart grew complacent in her chest

Life continued On

Death was all but Gone

As he watched her grow Old and depressed


Once more she reunited with Death

He bowed as she Curtsied, dressed her best

Her legs were Weary

Death’s Eyes were teary

Until she had drawn her final Breath

Edited by Zach Iezzi


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