Springing into this world from comfortable darkness,

To watch reality television on a new laptop.  

One day the pitter-patter of rain on a tin roof

Is the white noise of the TV.


The stars through your first telescope are now

Mere dots in an unchanging, unmoving sky.

The things that are unseen and unsaid

Are there through it all, urging you.


They beckon with soft whispers

the sound of windchimes on the front porch

Or the soft creak of the front door

On a lazy day at home.


And then something mundane strikes you—

Something always silently present–

Perhaps a newspaper lying on the driveway

words faded into the gravel


Or the sound of your neighbor

washing dishes early in the morning.

Perhaps a scent that recalls

the dust of a past road trip.


You always expected such a feeling

To come with money, success or fame.

And yet perhaps the view you had

Was always a bit askew.


The things you once deemed insignificant,

Brushed off as minor irritations

As mere background noise

In the grand scheme of life


Appear now in a time of darkness

A time of  longing for direction

They begin to sooth and inform,

Coloring your life most brightly.


What you dismissed before

Become gently present with age.

You come back to yourself

Even as your youth begins to fade.


Your eyes wide, senses alert, heart full

You take time to return,

To the places you once were joyful

To what you thought was gone.


You tread gently down your path

Not fearful, but open,

To a park you used to know

Where an elderly couple sits holding hands.
Edited by: Zach Iezzi


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