Happiness is more than the giggle of a child

More than basking in the warmth of the sun

Or the memories of homemade lemonade

Stands and the hopes of paying for a new bike.


Happiness is more than the biggest hug you can muster

Even to your best friend after your first fight

It’s more than standing beside them at their wedding

And witnessing their child being brought into this world.


Happiness is more than going on the adventure of a lifetime

More than mustering up the courage to follow your childhood dreams

And mustering up even more courage to keeping trying

Despite falling many times before.


Happiness is greater than looking into the eyes

Of the person you relinquish your soul to.

It is greater than love itself,

Because to be happy, you must master the art of love.


Happiness is the top tier

But Maslow called it by a different name.

It is much more than survival

Much more than safety, belonging, or esteem.


Happiness is self-actualization

It’s enlightenment; the “aha” Buddhists search for.

It’s more than some constant struggle

And more than something to take for granted.


Happiness is something that can be buried under fear

But it never hides, nor does it abandon.

Sometimes it’s harder to find than Waldo himself

But the search is always worth it, no matter how long.


Happiness is looking into your soul with eyes closed

But a mind and heart wide open

And being able to feel yourself

Deep down inside.


Because we’re more than just flesh and bones

Much more than a brain and nerves

Even more than a beginning, middle, and end

And more than what we can comprehend


Happiness is never more than we are capable of:

Never more than we deserve.


Edited by: Zach Iezzi


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