There’s no once upon a time;

She gives up on pretending

To be a princess searching

For her own happy ending.


At the ripe age of sixteen,

She ran from an Evil Queen;

Sleeping in beds of strange men,

She finds reprieve only in dreams.


Undoubtedly beautiful,

Though flat-chested and buck-toothed,

Every man recognizes

This epitome of youth.


Though innocence has faded;

She longs once more to be young

When snowflakes fell like feathers

And she caught them on her tongue.


Wishing she had never grown

Now hooked on another snow

A violent avalanche

That will bury her below.


Her skin is as white as snow

Unblemished by the vile sun

She’s a creature of the night,

And hot like a smoking gun.


Her lips are as red as blood

Trickling down from her worn nose

As she inhales broken hopes,

And starts tingling to her toes.


Her hair black as ebony,

Or the tar from cigarettes,

Or the dark that consumes her

When she can’t see past regrets.


Her skin so fair soon becomes

Tarnished by blues, greens, and blacks

From heavy hands of lovers,

And veins about to collapse.


It’s not a poisoned apple

That ushers her to the end,

But the overindulgence

Of her dependable friend.


She fades with the light of day,

And soon her fate becomes clear

Curled under a stranger’s sheets

No glass coffin for this dear.


Her Prince Charming never comes

To wake her from her slumber

The soft kiss of Death is what

Finally pulls her under.



Edited by Renee Luna


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