The wet slaps of his huge boots echoed off the stone walls of the empty alleyway. His breath puffed out in front of him, a cloud of anxiety pushed from heaving lungs, as he searched frantically for whoever was chasing him. The second set of footfalls had disappeared but the feeling of being watched lingered. He skidded to a stop inches from a brick wall, cursing his luck as he did. He whipped around searching frantically for a way out, but he had boxed himself in like the perfect prey.

A few stories above, a figure crouched low, lurking in the darkness. Slick like an oil spill, the shadow glided across the rooftops, tracking the target, following every move. It had watched as he entered the seedy hotel a few blocks over with a prostitute and left without her. A smile splitting it’s lips, the figure stepped over the edge, falling, falling, falling, until smack! It collided with it’s target.

The man screamed as knees bowled into his chest, knocking the little breath he’d gathered from his lungs. He hadn’t seen or heard anything – just a shadow and the whistle of wind over fabric – before he’d been pushed into the edge of a dumpster. The impact forced a grunt from him but he was up and back on his feet in seconds, ready to defend himself. He swung, his burly arm barrelling toward the shadow, who narrowly dodged the attack. It lept to the side, sweeping under the arm to deliver a swift roundhouse kick to the man’s unprotected side. It seemed to do nothing. Instead his other hefty paw clubbed the shadowed figure on the side of it’s head, sending it sprawling to the ground.

Silence filled the alleyway like a ticking bomb. Tick. The bear of a man stared in shock. Tick. Tick. Black hood replaced by blonde hair. Tick tick tick tick. With the figure on the ground, he could make out the curve of breasts beneath the hoodie. Boom! A scrawny little woman had attacked him. He let out a laugh, his big belly shaking like a bowl of jello. She’d made a big mistake. He had no qualms about carving up her pretty little skin like a Thanksgiving turkey. Besides, two in one night was new record for him and he could already feel the endorphins flooding his system.

The girl watched from the floor as he licked his chops, salivating over a new meal. She heard a click and watched in horror as he unfolded a knife, the silver metal glinting burgundy in the moonlight. The bastard didn’t even bother to rid the blade of his victims’ blood! Her skin felt boiling hot with rage as the man stalked towards her, laughing the whole while. He was wider than he was tall, but on the ground, he seemed to tower over her.  As he started to unbuckle his belt, she struck, pulling her leg back and ramming it straight into his testicles. He wheezed, folding in half, his hands clutching his genitals only to be met with another kick to face. His nose crunched beneath her booted foot and blood gushed out like a river. She scrambled to her feet as fast as she could but he yanked on her ponytail, pulling her back, the momentum knocking both of them to the ground. The knife went one way and they went another. Wriggling out of his hold, she crawled, reaching, stretching her arm as far as she could, grasping feebly for the weapon. He grabbed her ankle, jerking her back so hard it seemed to pop out of it’s socket. He flipped her over, his meaty hands diving straight for her neck. She gasped for air and he laughed, the maniacal sound replacing the ringing in her ears. She floundered, spots filling her vision as she thrust her hand forward, the blade finding a new home sheathed between his ribs. He gurgled, red leaking from his nostrils and his mouth, and the girl watched as the man drowned in his own blood. She twisted the blade, finding a sickening satisfaction in ending the life of someone who’d taken so many others.

When he was no longer wheezing, she pushed his slumped body off of her long enough to squeeze out from beneath him. Covered in his blood, she limped out of the alley, leaving her first kill behind in a growing pool of crimson. He deserved to die, him and many others. While they prey on women, she’s been hunting them down. Time to even the score.


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