Sunkissed, ebony, or porcelain.

The outside color does not matter.

There is a person found within.

Ignoring prejudiced stares

and hateful glares.

Debating ghosts of not so long ago,

asking them – Why is this process going so slow?

Why do those not personally involved feel entitled to an opinion?

Not worrying about the rights of the people that they are stealing.

This is my lament

for those who could not be together, their only “sin”

a slight difference in pigment.

Love sees past the skin.

Underneath it all

We are just flesh and bone.

Here to share this big blue planet,

One we can all call our home.

An answer believed to be so apparent

seeing past the skin, becoming transparent.

One cannot hate what one cannot see.

A big task,

asking us

to uproot the hundreds of years of hate.

To be able to look upon any individual and appreciate

them not for what color they wear,

but by their character.

This is not an “I don’t see race” rant,

it is just me putting down thoughts and feelings I believe to be significant.

Especially now with

imaginary boundaries and social constructs

giving way to greener grasses, all with a stroke of luck.

You may be able to see race,

though not in your mind’s eye.

Holding onto an anger so persistently,

just because someone else has deemed it differently.

A poison of society, one we frequently gulp down

until it foams pink at our mouths.  Spilling red over our lips.

Guiltlessly gluttonous, no end in sight.

It is up to our generation, to pick up the perilous plight.

Not to seek forgiveness but to make a promise.

A commitment to do more than our best,

to spread love in every instance we can, and hope it spreads to the rest.

Leading by example

because life is a colorful rainbow, you need

all colors

to complete it!

Love always wins.

Edited by Zach Iezzi and Renee Luna


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