We are open for submissions at this time! Open submissions for ALL writers and artists of any genre or topic. To assure your submitting experience is as quick and enjoyable as possible, please read the following guidelines.

Thank you!

For fiction and non-fiction, we would like to see creative, original, and previously unpublished content with, preferably, no more than a 1,500-1,700 word count.

For poetry, we are happy to receive all forms of style and verse, preferably, no more than three pages in length. Please submit to us creative, original, and previously unpublished work.

Submission Guidelines:

  • In the subject bar specify the type of submission as fiction, non-fiction, or poetry (otherwise your submission may be discarded). Please don’t write anything in the submission bar except one of the above three.
  • In the body of your email provide a brief personal summary about yourself, no more than three sentences, written in third person. This will later be attached as a part of your posted piece.
  • Please attach your submission as a Word document.
  • In the document, on the top please include the title of your piece, your name, as well as your email address we can use to best contact you. Use 12-font, Times New Roman. With the exception of poetry, please use double-space.

How to Format:

  • please use _underscores_ for italics and *asterisks* for bold. Please do not use any HTML code.

Email submissions to thedarkenedquill@gmail.com.

Note: Acceptance of material is largely up to the discretion of the editors. Therefore, all submissions are subject to be edited or rejected by our editing team. We encourage writers to discuss any topics they enjoy or feel strongly about, but please keep in mind that not all content may be suitable for the blog’s audience.



  1. Hey!!! My Instagram name is g_maria89. If I don’t accept you it’s because I’m taking a mini vacation from social media and all that hahaha.

    1. How will we know “what you’re reading” without an IG pic of your book? You must use the #VF3F hashtag so we’ll see it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. I am going to participate in the contest but for these two days I’m catching up on work no I logged off social media. I will be back on soon though and will post my picture. My account is private.

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